10 Sexy Braided Hairstyles for Black Women Trending in 2017

Braided hairstyles for black women are trending in 2015 ladies. These types of African hair braiding styles are hot, sexy and will turn heads. If you would like to forget about styling and spending 100s of dollars on your hair every week, braided hairstyles are just what you need. Sometimes it’s essential to give our hair a break from all the heat and protect it from the gruesome and harsh styling process. Apart from the listed factors, braided hairstyles for black women in 2015  listed below are gorgeous hairstyles that will make the guys or girls go wild, attract much attention and set your hair and sense of style apart from the rest.

braided hairstyles for black women


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The main thing about braided hairstyles is that they’re never out of style or season. You can rock a braided hairstyle anytime of the year or season. If you reside in a cold city you can rock a long and thick braided hairstyle to keep your skull and neck area protected from the cold weather or a bob cut braided hairstyle during the summer season. Either way, try one or two of the 10 braided hairstyles for black women below and watch it change your overall look.

10 Sexy Braided Hairstyles for Black Women in 2015

#1: Gorgeous and Sophisticated Braided Updo

This is indeed an extremely gorgeous and sophisticated braided updo comprises of elegant spirals and skillfully rolled. This is one of the braided hairstyles for black women that will uniquely set you apart. This braided hairstyle can be rocked for any occasion It is suitable for weddings, proms, work or just a girls night out. Show your sense of style with this well put together braided hairstyle and make them ask ‘WOW, how did you do that’?

braided updo

#2: Loose End Luscious Braidsfor Long Hair

A loose end and luscious braids for long hair style is always sexy. This braided hairstyle will sit perfectly on your shoulders with the end of the braids loose. Because of the length, you can be very creative with the styling. You may decide to wear the braids down with one side sitting nicely on the back of your neck, up or straight back buns, or simply a topknot like Beyonce’s latest box braids hairstyle. Whatever ways you decides to wear your luscious long braids, it will look sexy and professional.

braids for long hair

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#3: Chic-fully Side Twists Braided Mohawk

This is a chic-fully sexy and elegant side twists braided Mohawk hairstyle with a little bronze or ombre colored hair on the top to add some flavor. You have have seen this braided Mohawk hairstyle before but never with the strands of hair in different color on top of the head. This is the part that makes it stands out and unique (See: 6 Hot & Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Women in 2014). This hairstyle can be done with short, medium or long hair. Pair up this side twists braided Mohawk with some sexy and long earrings, a stylish cocktail dress, some medium high heels and you’re ready to conquer the world!

side twists braided mohawk

#4: Expressively Flowing Braids with Black Curls

Are you wearing your braids or your braids wearing you? In this case, this freely flowing braids with black curls is doing both. She’s wearing the braids because she is gorgeous and the braids wearing her because they enhance her already beautiful look. The black curls braids are expressive, so is her! See how the black braids exposed her sexy left hear with that diamond studded earring? That wonderful mix of braids and curls is a perfect downdo. Keri Hilson rocks the Centre-parted, thick black curls with 2 headband braids in a way that is very simple for a black hair braid hairstyle that can we worn for any occasion.

free flowing curly braids with black hair

#5: Loose Side Braid Hairstyle With Weave By Selita Ebanks

As the Fall/Spring season is upon us, it is vital to protect our natural hair from the harsh weather conditions. What a great way to accomplish that by rocking one of the sexy loose side braid hairstyles like the one sported by Selita Ebanks on the picture below.

loose side braid hairstyles with weave

#6: Braided Mohawk with Undercut

If you’re bold or have the stomach to watch your hair stylist drives a pair of clippers or scissors on the side of your head, this undercut braided Mohawk is for you! Platinum recording artist Alicia Keys modeled this hairstyle for you so you can just take a picture of this braided Mohawk style to your stylist and sit back. This hairstyle looks very impressive and special on her. If you have a long and slim facial structure, you will particularly fall in love with this braided hairstyle. Be sure to tell your stylist not skin cut the hair but to undercut it close to the skin. You can do this style with your natural hair or apply a some hair extensions.

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undercut braided mohawk by Alicia Keys

#7: Long Creative Curly Mohawk

This is one long and creative curly Mohawk hairstyle right there. I have had seeing and created many unique hairstyles for myself friends over the years and I will honestly admit; I have never seen anything like this before. This brilliant hairstyle exposed her beautiful long face. The good thing about this gorgeous curly Mohawk hairstyle is looks easy to create. Braid up the front and add hair extensions to the back and top. It’s simply gorgeous!

long curly mohawk hairstyle

#8: Elegant Multiple Twists

These twists reminds me of the havana twists hairstyle I rocked a few months ago. However, those twists are a lot thinner than mines. The unique thing and advantages of wearing twists hairstyles is you have many options as to how you want to style your twists. You can decide to go original or choose one of the 100s of twists hairstyles on YouTube.

elegant twists hairstyles

#9: Waterfall Tree Braids with Highlights

These are some unique and gorgeous waterfall tree braids. The highlights bring out the uniqueness and flavor out of those tree braids. This is a classy, elegant, yet simple and easy to achieve tree braids downdo. You can experiment with different highlights, colors and hair extensions. In my experience with braids highlight colors, chocolate seems to be best suited for black hair (Read: Tree Braids Styles, Pictures, Tutorials, Best Hair To Use, Maintenance).

waterfall tree braids highlights

#10: Micro Braids Plait: The Natural Hair Protector

Looking for a braiding style that will help protect your natural hair? How about some micro braids plait. They are well known amongst braids lover as the ultimate protective hairstyle for black women. This style is so versatile that it can be rocked as a chic, sexy and playful hairstyle a school-girl type of hairstyle to stand out of the crowd.

micro braids plait protective hairstyles

The 10 braided hairstyles for black women in 2015 we have chosen above are each unique on their own ways. The idea is to help you stand out of the crowd by getting you out of your comfort zone when it come to styling your hair. This website is strictly for the African hair braiding lovers but we will occasionally have something for our natural hair sisters. So, if you have some gorgeous and unique hair braiding styles of your own you would like us to talk about on the site; don’t hesitate to tag us your photos on @PoeticJusticeBraids + Facebook + Twitter + Google+ or by simply emailing them to us @ PoeticJusticeBraids@gmail.com. Don’t forget to subscribe to this site to receive our latest stuff!

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