Hairstyles for Box Braids – 10 Ways to Style Your Box Braids in 2017

hairstyles for box braids

Hairstyles for Box Braids! So okay so here it is ladies, what you’ve been waiting for!  Not only are the box braids coming back, but the hairstyles for box braids are truly an amazing view.  Its like the styles can be styled just like regular natural styles yet your getting best of both worlds, protecting your natural hair but making other women want to rock box braids!! Below are 10 ways to style your box braids in the new year (2015).

Hairstyles for Box Braids – 10 Ways to Style Your Box Braids in 2015

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So who would have though you could mix some hairstyles of box braids and have some leave out hair intertwined between the hair.  This is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles for box braids.  Without having a issue at work on “professional” look, the look is everything!  Starting at the top the braids and hair are two strand twisted around the crown of the head and secured and pinned to keep in tact.  And the rest of the braids are side swooped into a thick braided side ponytail.  I love  it, and I’m sure you will too!

twisted crown side pony tail braids


Taken from the first idea of the gorgeous box styles for braids, the only thing separating the two unique styles is, keeping the two stranded twist look up top, but then instead of braided the braids together it is left out to just fall around the face.  Its almost the concept of letting your hair down after work.  Have I it be secured at work, and then let lose after work at happy hour!  A for sure show stopper, has me wanting to rock some box braids right now!

twisted crown braids


Doesn’t get anymore simplistic yet so elegant at the same time with these hairstyles for box braids.  In this style you might want to wear your braids down, but add a decorative design to your braids to make them stand out more.  So simply just take the top part of the braids at the top, braid your braids into a medium size braid, then simply just wrap the medium size braid around the crown of your head, and secure in the back with a few bobby pins, and viola!

halo box braids pictures


So hey, if you really want to get fly with it and take it a step further, adding some highlighted braids to your hair will truly set it off.  If you really want to jazz it up some more, it never fails to clip a cute little flower barrette on the side of your face for some flare.  Snap snap, its selfie time, stunt on them one good time ladies!

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highlighted halo box braids


So we all see now how adding some highlights can really set of the box braids hairstyle.  Taking even more of a dramatic look and approach, intertwining pink and blond into just a few braids give the look a summer like, punk like feel to the box braids style.  This look shows true individuality without going over the top with having ALL pink and blond braids, it still looks classy and polished, just a few little multi-sized and colored strands separate your box hairstyle from the rest.

retro multi-sides box braids


So color is where its at ladies!  So many unique ways for the use of color in hairstyles for box braids.  This approach is a little more dramatic with color but still not over bearing.  Same concept of where women wear their hair in a two toned color where you start dark at the top and then get lighter at the bottom, the same look applies to the braids. Its a for sure fun summer look that will have other women with box braids thinking, “dang why didn’t I think of that.”

two toned box braids


What can I say that Mohawk, that Mohawk, so many ways to achieve the look, but with box braids?  Yes it has been created, two toned at the bottom with blonde highlights and black at the top.  Swooped up on the sides to give the Mohawk illusion, the front braids are twisted into a front chunky bun, giving the whole box braids hairstyle so many fun details to make you admire the style.

two toned mohawk front bun box braids


Doesn’t get anymore simple then this look, if your in a hurry in the morning, but need those braids out of your face?  No better quick style then to simply take all the braids, and braid them into a thick chunky side braid.  How can I forget though, just to accent the whole style, sister girl has just a few auburn red braids at the bottom, to highlight and mold the whole look together.

side chunky braids


So this look is as simple as it gets.  With this look, the woman decided to have all highlighted braids just be in one section of the head at the top.  Gives the box braid look such flare appeal, and all she did was just take have the braids pulled back from her face, secured with a little black rubber band and bam, shes ready to go out on the town!

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highlighted box braids styles


Yes ladies every element is used in this unique box braids style.  Cornrowed on the side and then with multi-sized box braids in the center, they are twisted all into one unit and given a curl like illusion at the bottom secured with some bobby pins.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always some new and trendy style being created.

cornrow boxed mohawk braids

With box braids ladies it a sure win win.  We all know how our days can be super long and draining, so the last thing we want to do sometimes is play with our hair.  But on the flip side you know if your hair isn’t right or on point you will not be in the mood to go anywhere.  So box braids are back and back with a whole new look and plethora of  ideas and hairstyles for box braids.  Hopefully out of my top 10 you are sure to find a winner and a style that will work best for you. Let us know which of the hairstyles for box braids listed above best suited for you! Share using the comment box below!

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