10 Hot Small Box Braids Styles in 2017 That Will Turn Heads

small box braids hairstyles pictures

The box braids are coming back with a new flare, a new look, and a more stylish look to for sure turn heads.  The small box braids definitely give you the flexibility to have a more polished and neater look, sometimes more so then the bigger box braids.  I found a for sure top 10 that will have all the boys run to your yard! Below are 10 of the hottest small box braids that are trending, fashionable and will elevate your look in 2015.

10 Top Small Box Braids Hairstyles Trending in 2015

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So this polished trendy look has work and play written all over it.  Overlapping the small box braids a few braids intertwined together throughout the whole head and then rolled together into a oval shape and pinned with a few bobby pins for security of the style, its subtle look stands out in an ironic way.  Its almost as though each small box braid is placed neatly one by one in a zig-zag like design.  Gorgeous!

criss cross updo small box braids


So sister girl took the traditional bun look that a lot of women with small box braids wear, but added a little more dimension to her style, platting the back into a half french braid and leaving the rest to be styled into the chunky bun, this style can be rocked a night out on the town or just out and about running errands.  The style is sure to last as long as you keep it tied up at nice and use a little sheen spray to keep the small box braids moisturized along with your hair.  Too adorable!

french braided bun small box braids


What can I say, these small box braids styles are doing it for me today! Such a elegant yet low maintenance style that literally can be styled less the 5 minutes! Simply swoop the small box braids to the side or your face, shape the braids into an oval twist all the braids around in a circle and secure underneath the bottom with bobby pins.  You feel like showing them your classy side one time, a for sure choice to choose.

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low oval bun small box braids


Hey, hey now Jada Pinkett is stunting on them now with her own little style with the small box braids, having half the braids down and half up, she created this style by parting one side of the small box braids as though they were cornrowed on the side, and the the other side creating small bantu know like buns to create a nice crown design on the other side of her head.  A nice spunky, and fun look, something that will keep Will Smith guessing what will she rock next.

jada pinkett side platted bun small box braids


So we see how when you add a little color to the small box braids it can make your whole style pop a little more.  Giving it a different edge, sometimes even a softer look.  Simply just taking one section of the small box braids on one side just rolling the braid into a small bun to get if a layered look.  This style would make we want to rock small box braids all year long, with as stylish as you can be with braids now.

ombre colored small box braids


Nothing more refreshing then have best of both worlds, easy on the go braids and curls.  The smaller you get with box braids you have the flexibility to leave the ends of the hair out and make a curly look at the ends, as though its actually some loose fun hair.  Of course you know this style can last you for months, as long as you maintain the ends and keep the braids moisturized, will always give this look as fresh look as though you just had them done!

small curly box braids


Cant get anymore simpler than this ladies the classic small bun updo. I will say this it beats the small bun with your natural hair any day, if your like me my hair is so coarse and without a perm for years trying to achieve that smooth bun look is not happening for me.  So having small box braids with some loose hair at the ends, you can wrap the lose hair around the top as tight as you want to have it so that way you can achieve a more polished look.  Classic, tie it up and out the door!!

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classic small bun braids


Oh yes the side princess braid, the braids shaping the front of the face like a small crown, then cascading down the side is all the small box braids into one.  What makes this side braid stand out more then some others is the wrap around affect it has from the beginning of the braid, so it makes it more of an exaggerated, side ponytail look.

princess small box braids


So sister girl took it to a whole other level with the front bun, giving it 3 dimensions, twisting the small box braids into a two strand twist like design, it is then swirled into 3 layers and secured with a bobby pin to keep in place.  The hint of color for highlights gives it, its own unique flare for a more trendy look that can be worn summer or winter.

trio front braided bun small box braids


Okay so the only difference with this style is instead of being rocked in the front, its being styled in the center of the head.  Take the same type of method of shaping the small box braids into two strand twist like design and wrap and layer the braids 3 times to give a trio bun type look.  The color of the braids helps the look even pop more.

trio top braided bun small braids

Well there you have it ladies another successful list of ideas you can add to your style box.  When I tell you, you should have ideas to last year round you will be set for the rest of your life, with new and approved small box braids updos and styles! Please let us know what you think of our chosen top 10 hottest small braids styles for the 2015 year. You can comment below or hit us up on Instagram #PoeticJusticeBraidsStyles.