Braids for Short Hair – Fall In Love With Short Braided Hairstyles

Braids for short hair! Sometimes our hair isn’t the length we want it to be, or we went through the process of trimming it, or even had an Angela Basset moment in the movie “Waiting To Exhale” and chopped it all off. No need to fear if you that is you! There are still tons of wonderful and gorgeous braided hairstyles for short black hair you can rock until your hair grow backup. You might even fall in love with our list of braids for short hair and never go back to long and relaxed hair.

Gorgeous Natural Braids for Short Hair Black Women

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What I just love about this chunky two-strand twists braided updo, is how soft and sensual the look is.  If the ends of your hair aren’t acting right, or the curls aren’t shaping how you want them to, this style is easily parted into 3 sections in the back of the head, twisted up in chunky plaits and then intertwined around the other plaits to give it a circular shape at the crown of the head.  Since your hair might be layered or in a bold cut style, make sure you have so bobby pins on stand by, along with a nice light moisturizer and a light spritz spray to hold the style in place.

two strand twist braided updo natural hair


What is so wonderful about this cornrowed bantu knots hairstyle is that no matter the length you can stick achieve the knotted look, you just don’t have as many bantu knots as you would with longer hair.  And to secure the sides they are platted on the sides to give it a different look, besides the whole head of hair just being bantu knots.  It would be wise to use the twist gel, by organic root simulator, so that the gel can seal the hair, secure it together without it coming out frizzy or dry.  A fun hairstyle to leave in for about a week and then when you take it down it can give you a wonderful curl pattern for your own natural hair.

cornrowed bantu knots natural hair


Gets no cuter then this, this is one of the braids for short hair that is truly a must try.  Of course there is a lot of longer curled versions of the Mohawk, but hopeful now you can see the length doesn’t matter.  All you have to make sure you do is when your cornrowing the sides, make the cornrowed as small as possible, to give the illusion you have more hair, since you have plentiful cornrows in the side.  Then at the leave out on top, do the same thing, two strand twist your hair into smaller twists so when you take them out, the curl pattern will be tighter and looked more polished.  Using a light mousse when you twist the hair will definitely help keep the definition for longer, and add some sheen to the hair to make it look radiant and healthy.

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mini mohawk twistout braids


So a similar approach with this triangle Mohawk braids with medium coils, with having curls at the top, only difference is the cornrowed designs are parted into two triangle shapes on the sides, the braids are parted about an inch away from one another to really have the whole design pop more.  On top of the crown for the leave out hair, instead of two strand twisted, the curls are defined by using mini rollers, or  even plain straws to give the curls more if a round curl look, then a spiral look.  It is best to have your hair a little damp at the top, so when you roll your hair, using a curl cream, like Talilah Waajid’s curly curl cream, it will be a for sure definer for your short braid hairstyle.

triangle mohawk braids medium coils


Ladies, like I said, have no fear!  If you shaved the sides of your hair completely of you can still have a braided look with the rest of your hair you have.  With this thick cornrowed Mohawk look you can add some extensions,  using kanokelon or Marly braiding hair is a good quality braiding hair that can last several months for your braided hairstyle.  Make sure instead of just braiding your hair straight back, give the cornrows at the edge of the crown more of a circular braided pattern so it can add some pizzazz to your hardcore Mohawk look.

thick cornrowed sided-shaved mohawk


It doesn’t get anymore fly then this, taking the mini coiled look and the twist-out updo together in the same hairstyle its a for sure try.  Because if you’ve just recent rocked a very short hairstyle where the back of the hair is shorter then the top, you can do mini coils to give design to the hair, along with uptight braid out the top and leave braided for a day or so, and then you can take the braids out and be left with the crinkly curl pattern up top.  Using a strong holding gek for the coils will be a must because of how short the hair is in the back.  It be best to sit under a dryer for the coils to dry instead of letting them air dry on their own.

mini coils twistout updo natural hair


How creative these styles can get ladies, this platted ponytail hairstyle is definitely a sure look for when you want to got out for a night of dancing.  Simply plats your hair up with using a soft kanokelon braiding hair so after your cornrow the crown you can two strand twist the rest of the braid in a circular design.  Then leave out just a few strands of braiding hair to give the ends a sprouted waterfall look at the top of the head, use boiling hot water to dip the hair in to make the ends as straight as possible.   You will have the look all women want, and your hair didn’t have to be long at all to achieve it.

platted ponytail short natural hair


Okay this platted medium curls is a fun traditional look, we all had our mom, or hairdresser back in the day cornrow a cute design in the front of our hair and then curl the ends of the hair.  What makes this a more polished look is using a lighter toned hair and then even adding extensions to the hair with kanokelon braiding hair.  So after intertwining the extension hair, use chunky rollers at the end and then dip in HOT water have the curls curl like you want them.  A short braid hairstyle that you can rock anywhere, work, church, date, you name it.  Sometimes keeping it a little traditional isn’t always a bad thing.

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platted medium curls short natural hair


When I tell you braids for short hair is rocking with the styles, almost seems like you can get just as, or even more creative with this cornrowed ringlets hairstyle.  So that being said, cornrowing the hair into one particular angle of the head, it is braided to the front of the head where the braid extensions fall towards the front of the face.  Taking the same method for the curly braid pattern, make sure you roll the braids up with a medium size roller so they aren’t too big, then use hot boiling water, hold the hair in the boiling water for about 10 to 15 seconds, and then blot with a towel and let air dry.  Too cute, too cute!

cornrowed ringlets natural hair


Last but not least you cant go wrong with the two-strand twist extensions.  You want to add length its perfect, the only thing you have to ensure, especially if your hair is really really short is that the ends don’t pop out through the hair, so make sure when you find a braiding hair it is close to the texture and color of your hair so it blends well when you braid it up.  Its a style that you’ll be able to wear for months, with low maintenance, you just want to make sure your hair is completely moisturized before braiding so you wont have short brittle ends with braiding.

two strand twist extensions hairstyle

There you have it my short haired divas, do not feel limited to hair styles because your hair might be shorter.  You just have to know what style and what products will work best for you, and while your waiting for your long tresses to grown back you can enjoy some fire styles that will have you enjoying your growth process!


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What do you ladies thing of our chosen braids for short hair? Will you ever or have you ever rocked one of those braided hairstyles?