5 Best Marley Crochet Braids Styles With Step-by-Step Tutorials [VIDEO]

5 Best Marley Crochet Braids! It is amazing how far creativity and developing different techniques for natural hair styles have come.  Sometimes we simply want to add some extra length to our hair, but without the headache of getting a sew-in   Also can’t forget the amount of money you end up spending to find quality hair that will last.  I feel like this styling method can take over salons and put a lot out of them businesses, the wonderful discovery of Marley crochet braids has come on the scene.

5 Best Marley Crochet Braids Hairstyles Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

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I Think about back in the day when the literal crochet crinkle braids were in, every little girl I knew was rocking that style.  Just like everything else, that style went out. Now, Marley crochet braids  pooped up on the scene as a whole new type of braiding style.  So if you’re trying to find a protective braid style, and also get some extra length that no one will doubt is your real natural hair, Marley hair will give you that exact look! Below are 5 Marley crochet braids styles carefully chosen for you to rock this spring. I’ve rocked all 5 of them and feel alive whenever I stepped outside of my Apartment in Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia!


crochet braids with marley hair tutorials

The crochet braids with Marley hair style on the tutorial above is a very basic Marley hair and extremely easy to do yourself.  There are tons of different hair brands, but this particular one I’m using left over Marley hair from a two-strand twist style on my natural hair I did the month before.  After all the hair is installed, there are a few curling methods you can choose to achieve the perfect Marley look.  The bantu knots is a popular curling method you can apply to give the Marley hair a soft and sultry look.  Of course we recommend using warm water to prep the hair and Shea moisture conditioner, and then using hot boiling water to secure a tight curl.

*** How to Do Crochet Braids with Marley Hair Step-by-Step Video Tutorial ***

Video Credit: Sadora Paris


crochet braids cuban twist

The Crochet braids with Cuban twist uses a similar brand of hair as the Marley hair, but a little less coarse.  When doing the Marley crochet braids, it is important that to know that it can be a huge challenge to get the hair through the braids.  In my experience doing crochet braids using Marley hair with Cuban twist, I find that the more less coarse Marley hair I used, the more defined the curls!  The Cuban twist hair seems to last a little longer and doesn’t shed as much as the crochet braids with Marley hair does.

*** How to Do Crochet Braids Cuban Twist Step-by-Step Video Tutorial ***

Video Credit: Pure Estrogen


pre-dipped curly marley crochet braids fro

One frustrating thing about pre-dipped and curled Marley braids is the stress that comes with constantly having to curl the Marley hair.  I realized after the first week with my curly Marley braids. I had no idea at first that I had to use extremely hot water to wash the braids!  My face was literally half an inch away from the mug used for the boiling water. The method to get the pre-dipped Marley crochet braids look is very simple, but maintaining it is a little unpleasant.  To save time, simply take a piece of Marley hair and roll around the hair on a cold rod.  This will save you so much time curling your Marley braids. This method will definitely gives your Marley braids the perfect curls all around.

*** How to Do Pre-dipped and Curled Marley Braids Fro Step-by-Step Video Tutorial ***

Video Credit: Mary K. Bella


knotless crochet braids tutorials

I have always wondered how to do knotless crochet braids before I went out an researched it. I used to think it was hard, but turned out to be one of the easiest hairstyles you can do on your own that takes very little time and effort! This styling method will help give your braids the most realistic look.  One thing I did notice after doing the knotless Marley crochet braids is that the knots were visible just a little bit.  While it isn’t much of a big deal at the bottom of the head, when you get to the top of the crown,  you want it to look as real possible.  It took me about 5 minutes to tuck them in and made them disappear.  If you don’t do that, your natural hair will give the perception that your knotless crochet braids are old and natural hair growing out the roots!

*** How to Knotless Crochet Braids Step-by-Step Video Tutorial ***

Video Credit: Nanciee_x3


how to make a crochet wig video tutorial

Best invention ever!  I never knew that I could literally make my own wig until I did made my own wig into a crochet!  and did it without having to pay hundreds of dollars.  The crochet wig is definitely a must try!  This hairstyle takes Marley crochet braids to another level without having to braid you hair.  Its a great way to get an all natural look in just 2 minutes.  It is even better for some of you ladies who might not know how to cornrow your own hair or can’t find someone to do it for you. The crochet wig his is a wonderful alternative and the curls will last longer because you just take it off before you go to bed!  Having the natural look has never been so convenient and affordable!

*** How to Make a Crochet Wig Step-by-Step Video Tutorial ***

Video Credit: Talk Tresses

Well my sistahs I hope this has been educational for you as it was for me.  We are in a time where we have little to no time to do our hair.   Then money gets tight sometimes and buying 300 dollars worth of hair is not in the budget.  So easy to do Marley crochet braids with Marley hair, a cave woman can do it! LOL.  You can now have a protective style that will help your hair grow naturally.  The best part is you will already look like you already have a long length of natural hair coming straight from the roots!  Marley Crochet braids is a must try, I have had mine in for two months now and it’s still going strong! Share with us on Instagram @poeticjusticebraidsstyles your best crochet braids with Marley hair!

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