DIY Havana Twist Hairstyle on Natural Hair Step-by-Step How-to Video Tutorial / Styling!

Uniquely Gorgeous Havana Twist Hairstyle! We’re always searching for the next best and creative hairstyle that can separate our us from the rest. At the same time we want it to be a style we will be able to rock at work and when we are out and about.  Because we all have had that job where certain hairstyles are not welcome because it’s quote and quote “distracting”.   Personally, I feel like distraction isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it’s distractedly attractive (LOL). when choosing  a protective style, you always want it to look as natural as possible.  No better style fits that description then the Havana twist.

havana twist hairstyles how to video turorials step by step

This unique and gorgeously beautiful Havana twist hairstyle has a little mixture of everything.  They are chunky like Poetic Justice Braids (aka box braids), have a similar pattern like Senegalese twists, and can pass for a natural locs kind of look too.  There is only a handful of African braiding hairstyles I feel that can have all those in one, and the Havana twist is a new technique that has been heavy on a lot of women’s radar lately.  Some of the top reasons to rock an Havana twist hairstyle is time, convenience, giving an all natural appeal that will turn men’s heads and makes women jealous!

Unique Havana Twist Hairstyle Step-by-Step How-to Do Video Tutorials

What you need:

  • Marley Hair (any kinky braiding hair)
  •  Wide tooth comb
  • Rat tail comb
  • Any gel or moisturizer
  • Olive oil twist & loc gel
  • Edge control (Creame of Natural with Argan Oil from Morocco Perfect Edges)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Often Asked Questions and Answers!

Q: What type of hair did you use and where can I get some? 

A: I used Marley hair and you can purchase HERE (they have an 80% OFF with free shipping deal right now!)

Q: How many pack of hair should I use for this Havana Twist?

A: 4 to 5 pack of hair depend on how big you want them to be and how thick your natural hair is. Get 5 packs just in case

Q: How long did it take you to do this?

A: It took me 3 hours. I was doing this for the first time. I can reduce it to 2 hours the second time around

Q: Will this hairstyle work on transitioning hair?  

A: Definitely will, I had transitional hair on that video!

Q: How long is the Marley hair used?

A: I used 18-20 inches Marley hair

Video Credit: TheBrilliantBeauty

It does take a long time to create a fashionable Havana twist style that can be worn for any occasions, maybe a couple of hours at the most.  That reason alone has me completely sold!  In the past, braiding my hair was something I’ve always had to mentally prepare myself for.  It might be a month before I decide to actually do them because of the hours I know it will take to do.  A lot of times I just don’t have that kind of time, and I need flyness to be created in just a couple of hours.  This radiant Havana twist hair style that I can rock anywhere is a must try on my list.  I also love the fact I can wear this protective style with minimal work, my hair can still grow abundantly and not cause excess breakage.

Different Havana Twist Styles – How to Style Your Havana Twist

how to do havana twist hairstyles

Styling Havana Twist Hair! One of the other top reasons is being able to easily style with the Havana twist.  You can wear them straight down, or put them up into classic buns that won’t be too distracting at work, or do some major crown buns and ponytails that will be your show stopper out on the town.  The Havana twist is so versatile that it can be a classy style and still give off the all natural locs look.  And did I mention most of the styles will only take like 5 minutes or less to do, totally winning!

Video Credit: TheBrilliantBeauty

One of the best and final reasons is turning heads! yes, and having other women asking you what type of braiding style you’re rocking and who did it!  Let’s be real, braids have been around for the longest and it’s become a common style people see on a regular basis.  So to have your braids in the Havana twist not only gives the protective style a new edge but also is unique and very few know how to do a fancy Havana twist style.


I’m all about a new edge, something that takes little to no time to do,  and I can be a show stopper with my protective style.  Of course we all know too well how the fellas can be, saying women wear to much weave and blah blah.  I noticed when rocking my Havana twist hairstyle though I get the second look from the men, because it looks like it could actually be my natural hair because of the texture of the hair and designs Havana twist gives off.  The style is a win-win across the border ladies, I know when I first saw the style it made me want to redo the style I had.  So glad that I did, and the stress of where I wear it, work or play it’s never an issue or concern anymore.