How to do Fake Dreadlocks / Faux Locs Easier & Quicker With Extensions That Look REAL Step-by-Step! [VIDEO]

Faux Locs / Fake Dreadlocks! I come from a long line of family with dreadlock hair styles (big up to my Caribbean massive!). My father had dread locks (rest his soul), 2 of my 4 brothers had dreads locks and I’m told my grandfather had locs. My mother had dreadlocks until the day before my high school graduation! What made her cut them off I don’t know but I’m sure I was not the reason because she rocked those locs for as long I can remember (16 years maybe).I always wanted to follow the trend in my family, but when I heard that the locs where permanent and should I wanted to take them out I would have to cut all my hair off, I flipped and said ‘heck nah, I will never do them.’

how to do faux locs / fake dreadlocks video tutorials

But after much researched and talking to people, I discover something…I can do faux locs or fake dreadlocks with my natural hair or using extensions. The amazing thing for me was that I can remove those faux locs or fake dreadlocks without damaging or cutting an ounce of my real natural hair! I was ecstatic. As a results, I went out the next day and got me some, also called temporary locs.  The number one mistake I made as rookie, however, was paying $160 and sitting on a salon chair for 12 hours to get them done.

faux locs video tutorials step-by-step

Do you know that you can get you some beautiful and gorgeous faux locs / dreadlocks by doing them yourself (DIY) with spending just a few dollars on buying the right hair products? Below I teamed up with a number of hair stylists that have created a number of video tutorials to show you how to do quick faux locs / fake dreadlocks without emptying your purse and spending a whole day at the salon (time is too precious these days)! Some of the videos will also show you different ways of how to style locks, types of hair to use for faux locs / dreadlocks, how long to keep your faux locs in and types of faux locs products to use! One problem people often faced doing thise hairstyle is keeping the hair secure. I used 32nd hair glue which worked very well for my hair!

What you need:

100% acrylic yarn, Marley, or regular Kanekalon hair (can be purchased HERE .. 80% Off and free shipping)

32 hair glue (from your local hair product store)

Bead hair clip (from amazon / ebay or local hair product store – search for dreadlock beads)

Often Asked Questions & Answers!

Q: What’s is the types of hair to use?

A: See the ‘What you need section above.’

Q: How long does it takes to do? 

A: 4-6 hours depending how how fast you twist or and move!

Q: How long to keep them in?

A: Up to 2 months….no more than that…natural hair will start to tangle (but it’s all depends on how good you take care of it!)

Q: Do you wrapped it at night?

A: Yes, I wrapped it every night and spray every morning

Q: Can I do them with my natural hair or extensions?

A: Yes you can, you may use your natural hair if long enough….or extensions


Faux Locs / Fake Dreadlocks How to do Step-by-Step Video Tutorial #1

Video Credit: Shey

How to do Faux Locs Step-by-Step Video Tutorial #2

Video Credit: Raquel Lancaster

Faux Locs / Fake Dreads Video Tutorial #3

Video Credit: Naptural85


How to Style Your Faux Locs / Fake DreadLocks Video Tutorials

Video Credit: HairXFashion Guru

Video Credit: ImShineStruck

Faux Locs / Fake Dreadlocks Braided Bun & Fishtail Braided Updo Styles

Video Credit: Donedo