10 Hottest Natural Hair Braids Styles For Black Women To Wear in 2017

hottest natural hair braids styles black women

Hottest Natural Hair Braids Styles! Where do I begin when it comes to finding natural hair braids styles something that can be easy to maintain, wear for a few months and it be a show stopper style!   We all want braids for natural hair that will help our hair stay healthy, grow in the process but also love to keep the style.  So I listed 10 gorgeous styles that will have you turning heads, have that man doing a double take, and the ladies asking you where you got your style from.

10 Hottest Natural Hair Braids Styles for Black Women

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Ok, so over the years the Mohawk has become a hot to trot, trendy and tough edge look. Taking more of an Afrocentric approach this particular natural hair braids style is a must have if you are looking for and edge type style with the braids up the side, but instead of spikes, you would have nice twists up top to set off the whole look.  Allowing you the flexibility to rock at work and at the club.

natural twists mohawk hairstyles black women


So when it comes to a sheek and exotic look all at the same time this is it.  Starting from the top, the elegant woven hair braided into a symmetric pattern, it is braided all the way down into a unique three platted braids.  When it comes to looking for a natural braids style that will turn heads, men asking what exotic island did you come from, you would love to step out of the box and have a masterpiece created on your next natural hair braids style.

chunky mohawk pocahonas braids black women


Yes I said it! Crochet locs, who would have known you could rock fake locs and they look like they are actually coming from your scalp.  Taking the braiding method for putting the old school crochets crinkle braids in your hair, you can actually get pre-loc synthetic hair and crochet the synthetic locs onto your braid.  You want to talk about convenience and genius idea, you can now see how your hair would look locked, and if you dont like it , instead of chopping off your own hair like jada pinkett in “Set It Off” you can just take them out!! Incredible natural braids style.  Below ive listed a you tube tutorial on this amazing look.

crochet locs hairstyles black women


It doesn’t get anymore unique then this futuristic looking design, intertwining the mohawk and french braid in one, its amazing pattern throughout the hairstyle, it is a natural hair braids style that will have every eye on you wondering why they didn’t come up with the hairstyle first.

criss cross french braids mohawk

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If your looking for a simple and polished look this is all you need right here. It’s a great look for the office, great protection for your hair, and with attention to detail, the natural hair braids style  has creative little elements like the parts in the front of the scalp that make even parts on each section of the hair leading to the full design.  With the circular shape at the end of the french braid gives it a little flare and updated look, instead of the standard french braid.

unique wrapped around frend braids black women


I tell you, the various ways you can style a Mohawk these days!  Fabulous style for keeping about a month without the headache of redoing every night.  A wonderful natural hair braids style that just has you admiring your braids, and the effortless upkeep you have to do with it when you wake up in the morning.  You can just spray some sheen and go!

french braided bantu knot mohawk hairstyles black women


Crochet braids are really back ladies and they have become the next newest trend for the natural Afrocentric look.  Taking the parley style hair that you use for twist and braids this coarse hair literally can be crocheted in your hair within seconds.  So instead of worrying about sitting in a chair for hours with a sew-in, this creative technique allows you to have extensions in your cornrowed head within seconds.  And showing just a little section of your hair cornrowed back on the side with the rest of the hair in curls, it is such a go to style, all your friends will be asking where you got your hair from!

crochet braids with marley hair styles

Video Credit: teeday6

Video Credit: The Brilliant Beauty


Another amazing Mohawk style, taking on a two toned color effect with a zig-zag pattern cornrowed up the sides.  The creativity and uniqueness of these natural braids styles, truly shows the expansion of our culture and how much its grown into a huge market of creative styles.  So many options we can now choose from and have various styles we can rock while still keeping our natural hair healthy.  This is a great exotic look that when your looking to step out of the box and try something new this is a definite go to.

two-toned french braided mohawk hairstyles black women

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Seeing this natural braids style always reminds me of how diverse you can be with locks.  Instead of doing the standard ponytail updo, you can create a cornrowed pattern on the sides and shape the locks into a layered bun.  Giving it so many different dimensions and several small details in this style to make others admire the hairstyle as a whole.  And you cant forget how convenient this style is.  Talk about wake up and go, no more having your hair hold you up.

cornrowed twisted locs hairstyles black women


Never in a million years did I ever think this could be created.  Using the traditional style of thick cornrows and accenting it off with think mini cornrows in an accented gold color its so simple yet so trendy and a stand out type do.  Followed by the bun the braid is continued through the bun in to a long Pocahontas braid, with the mini gold braids sprinkled around the long thick black braid.

multi-sized braids bun black women

More Gorgeous Natural Hair Braids Styles For Black Hair

Well ladies, I don’t know about you but I know I have a list of natural braids styles in order on what I am going to rock first, second, third, etc.  It feels good to be excited about your hair!  The confidence you have when you know your natural hair braids are on point.  And when the maintenance is low, you get best of both worlds, a fly and quick on the go style.