10 Cool & Cute Braid Styles For Girls! Simple and Trendy

cute braid styles for girls

Cute Braid Styles For Girls! We all want our precious little girls to have the next cool braids style that will be easy to maintain and last at least a few weeks to keep  your babies hair healthy and easy to manage. I have created the top 10 braid styles that are sure to be a winner for your baby girl. Simple and trendy, these cool braid styles for girls are a must try.  Starting with The Pin wheel shaped, braided pigtails, they are a classic.  Taking the the simplicity and traditional concept of the pigtails, with added uniqueness, the pigtails are designed into a pin wheel design with  multi-colored beads at the end to accent the style.  How can I forget the hair platted at the top with the the ends of the hair shaped into a cute little bow tie.  Adorable!

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10 Cute Braid Styles for Girls


I did this cute pin wheel braided pigtail for my little angel over the summer and she was hysterical. She said ‘mami, I love my hair.’ Of course you know the little one warmed my heart that day. Give this cute braiding hairstyle a try and watch your little girl(s) go coo coo over it! It worked for me.

pin wheel braided pigtail for girls


Another one of the cool braiding hairstyles for girls, again using the concept of pigtails but detailing the pigtail part with a different element, the silky mini buns.  To accent the look of the mini buns two big blue marble hair ties are placed around the bun to make them pop more.  Definitely a fun playful style where your little diva can wear for casual or for dressier occasions you can change out the bows and have them be a silkier satin look type bow.

cornrow pigtail bun hairstyles for girls

cornrow bun hairstyles for kids


This braid styles for girls, is taking the hair which has already been individually braided with extensions and curled and dipped in hot water at the ends to give the curly braids look.  Simply evened braids put into the pigtail style and then to hide the rubber bands used taking a few strands of braids and wrapping them around the rubber band to accent the look as though it is the braids molding the two pigtails together.  Another one of our chosen braid styles for girls is for if your baby girl is outside being active and needs her braids out of her face, or just to switch up the style from wearing it down.

spiral pigtail braids for girls


Who would have known there is so many great cornrow designs you could do on your babies hair.  Cornrowed into a heart shaped look and in the back, the ends of the individual cornrows are accented with multi-colored beads, to give it a fun and vibrant look.  Cornrow braids as little girls braids definitely an attention stopper for uniqueness and creativity.  Definitely another fun, casual style that can be worn for a couple of weeks and be maintained effortlessly.

heart shaped cornrow braids for girls


Yes another successful cornrowed look that is formed into the classic side ponytail, but adding a new dimension to the look by having all the cornrows platted down to one direction all leading to the same point of the scalp.  It is then accented with some pretty colored flower barrettes to give it more of a tropical or upscale look, so when you have those special occasions or picture time you don’t have the stress of trying to roll or curl baby girls hair or risk the hair getting frizzy or losing its curls.  A simple and cute braid styles for girls that has been convenient and become a popular favorite.

cornrowed side ponytial braids for kids


This particular braid style is one you should definitely add to the list if you’ve never had your little diva rock it before.  It speaks volumes of originality and simplicity all in one. Just by parting the outer scalp into a heart shaped design it gives the whole look of the french braid a whole different flare.  Whats a french braid without the finishing touches and setting it off with a big decorative bow at the end.  This is one of the girls braid hairstyles that can last for about a week or so, give or take you tie it up with a satin bonnet so it doesn’t get frizzy or baby girl doesn’t roll around in it to much.  Another great upscale look for picture day or going to an event.

french braided heart shaped-ponytail braids for little girls

heart shaped cornrow braids for kids


Creating another traditional style with a little trendy edge to it is the braided plats.  Instead of making all the plats the same size, making some of them smaller and some of them chunkier it gives the look a cute edge.  And definitely less time consuming for creating the style.  Sometimes being pressed for time and you need a quick idea for baby girl’s hair, this one is a sure go to.  You can have the beads be optional for time, but if you have an extra few minutes adding just some clear beads at the end, it will jazz the look up, and also be a style and look she can wear with any color of clothing.

multi sides braided plaits for girls


One of the most adorable, cutest hair styles for your baby girl.  Even with minimal, short hair, this look can be achievable.  All you have to do is twist and plat the front down about an inch, and then using multi-color rubber bands to create a decorative pattern. And then just leave the rest of baby hair out, use a quarter drop of some gel to help define and style.  This cool braids style is definitely a little more basic, but definitely a favorite, for its simplicity and quick hairstyle that you can create in just minutes.

cute cornrowed mini afro hairstyles for kids


The Mohawk styles for girls have become a popular and trendy braid style for girls now, with the look it gives a sharp edge and attractive appeal.  With this  particular version, it is kept more subtle and not as big and fluffy as some Mohawks are.  With the hair being cornrowed on the side half way up the scalp, the rest of the hair is made into small twists.  Giving it a not too grown look, and having it be another simple and unique style little diva can have for those days her hair needs to be maintained.  Using a little spritzer for holding the twists in place with help the curls last a little while longer before having to redo.

mini mohawk twists braids for girls


Last but not least, one of the most simplest and quickest style is the side french braid.  Literally takes all about 20 minutes to create, a perfect braids style for girls on those hot summer days where humidity is at a all out high.  This style can help protect from too much over processing on the hair, yet its still one of the classic and cute girls braids to have in your memory box list for styles.  It can last for about a week, being mindful to have her sleep in a satin bonnet so the edges don’t develop any frizz.

side french braids for girls

These cool braiding hairstyles for girls are a must have for your toddler, no matter what texture of hair or length of hair the styles can still be achievable.  I’m confident you will now have some great new ideas on what to style baby girl with next.  If you have any questions or comments about my work please feel free to comment below, and ill be happy to answer any questions about the braids styles for girls. Let know know which of these you little girl have tried or plan on trying.

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