6 Hot & Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Women


This is the season for braided Mohawk hairstyles updo ladies. If you’re a black woman you know that the summer heat can be brutal on hour hair. The thickness of a black woman’s hair makes the hair and scalp more likely to heat up and cause heat damage to our hair and dehydrate us. So ladies, here’s one of the solutions I come up with; rock one of the hot and edgy braided Mohawk hairstyles and look like a rock star at the same time.

Braided Mohawk is one of the most unique and stylish hairdo out there. A simple Google image search will show you pictures of many African-American or black celebrities rocking Braided Mohawk hairstylesfauxhawks and other Mohawk related styles. Whether you choose to wear a side-shaved Mohawk, a short Mohawk, a curly Mohawk, a long Mohawk or Mohawk hairstyle with highlights you will automatically stand out of the crowd because very few women are bold enough to sport these types of hairstyles. 

6 Hot & Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairstyles Updos

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Braided Mohawk hairstyles expose your facial outlines, cheekbones, unique facial features and beautiful neckline. If you’re one of the ladies that is proud or fond of your facial features with a beautiful neck and would like to showcase them this hot summer, braided Mohawk hairstyles updo are perfect for you. You can have chic Mohawks with braids, weaves, or even rock a natural hair Mohawk for my natural ladies.  Below are 6 hot and edgy braided Mohawk hairstyles to deal with this hot summer heat look stylish and trendy at the same time. 

#1. Stylish Braided Mohawk Updo

I have personally rocked this stylish braided Mohawk updo and loved it. This Mohawk hairstyle is compacted into an a flashy and trendy updo that exposes your sexy neck line, ears and beautiful long face. If you’re a sister with thin long face, this style will bring out the beauty out of you. Don’t get me wrong curvy sistas, this hairstyle will look great on you too! This elegant and stylish Mohawk is braided with tightly braids on each side of the head and sitting high above your forehead.  

I felt very comfortable with I wore this braided Mohawk updo and thinking about rocking it again before the end of the summer to help take a little edge off the summer heat. Take this stylish braided Mohawk updo picture to your hair stylist and let her go to work! You can get this done with your natural hair or extensions. I would recommend your natural hair though!

#2. Gorgeous Braided Mohawk For Relaxed Hair

You don’t often see relaxed hair sistas rocking braided Mohawk. I supposed it’s because some of them don’t think they can compete with the natural hair ladies sporting braided Mohawk with relaxed hair.

I’m here to tell you ladies that you can rock a very well groomed braided Mohawk that will make everyone’s next turn when they see you. The above picture shows a gorgeous braided Mohawk for relaxed hair that can also be called braided fauxhawk.

#3. Braided Sides Mohawk With Weave

The sides of your head do not have to necessarily be shaved to have a sides braided Mohawk. Any hair stylist and those that know how to do their own hair can pull a sides braided Mohawk style without having to shave the side of the head. This picture is a perfect example. This hairstyle can be accomplished using weave.

The braided sides Mohawk with weave is becoming very trendy with women that are not bold enough to cut the sides of their hair or those who have issues with their hair growing fast enough to recover if they want to part ways with the braided sides Mohawk quickly. Above is a picture of a gorgeous woman rocking braided Mohawk hairstyle with weave. Give it a try, you never know!

#4. Sleek Braided Mohawk With Extensions

Braided Mohawk with extensions are cool because you can rock different color strands with them. Braided Mohawk with extensions also allow you to be versatile in term of how to wear them. You can put the Mohawk in ponytail, add a little curls or wear them plain. The options for this hairstyle are unlimited and left to you to be creative. Below is a picture of braided Mohawk with extensions in ponytail style.

#5. sloppy Dutch Braided Mohawk

Both African-American / Black and White girls can rock a sloppy Dutch braided Mohawk and look beautiful doing it! This Mohawk style is specially designed for women with relaxed hair. I tried it when I had natural hair but had a hard time pulling it off.  Sloppy Mohawks are often created with Dutch braids.

The braids based on Dutch hair is what makes this hairstyle messy. As a results, if you have natural hair you probably end up looking like Beyonce’s daughter Blu Ivy if you try this one (love me some Bey and Ivy, no pun intended!).

#6. Side-Shaved Braided Mohawk

All my real bold sistas stand up! If you have worn a side shaved braided Mohawk before you can count yourself as sexy, bold and trendy. Many black women look at side shaved braided Mohawk hairstyles as too risky for their taste. If you’re one of those who like to constantly change your hairstyles, this one may not be for you.

Why? You have to shave the sides of your hair and may take a little while to grow if you decide to do something else in a short period of time. Hey, try something new. shaved sides braided Mohawk hairstyles may not be for everyone but you are not everyone…You’re a sexy African-American or black woman with natural beauty no matter how you wear your hair.

More Mohawk Hairstyles

Braided Mohawk hairstyles updo are for women that are a little bold. These types of hairstyles are not too extreme but very trendy in 2014 and will be very much in style in 2015 and beyond. Also known as braided fauxhawks, they are eye-catching and gorgeous.