Looking Natural Crochet Braids w/ Bobby Pin Tutorial (Protective Style)

natural looking crochet braids extensions

Looking Natural Crochet Braids w/ Bobby Pin Tutorial. When I used to see various women walking down the street with their natural tresses years ago, it inspired me to want to do the same. I loved how many cute styles I could create from this looking natural crochet braids with my own hair! The dilemma on rocking your own natural hair is the heat during the summer time, or over processing the hair. This defeats the whole purpose when you are trying to wear your own hair.

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So several months ago, I stumbled across some videos that said crochet braids, but I didn’t see braids on the woman’s head at all, it just looked like big natural looking hair. So clicking and viewing this particular video I saw this girl and she looked like she had long, thick, Afro-centric hair. And what shocked me was it said, Natural looking crochet braids with bobby pin. It really peaked my interest because it sounded so convenient, easy and quick to do.

Looking Natural Crochet Braids w/ Bobby Pin Video Tutorial

Video Credit: Jouelzy

Best Hair for Looking Natural Crochet Braids

looking natural crochet braids with bobby pin

I was thoroughly impressed by her unique method! Even though I know crochet needles don’t cost that much, it is so easy to lose those things! And, if the hair store is closed what are you going to do? So with that being said, if you don’t like the typical weave look with straight hair, trying out the natural looking crochet braids is a great option. It literally just takes about an hour or two, cutting your time down to half the time compared to a weave. And, if you want to keep as much of your natural look as possible and wear a protective style that’s going to let your hair grow, its a win win. Style tip: the best hair to use for this looking natural crochet braids is Marley Hair.

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crochet braids with extensions-that-look-natural

It was so quick and simple to do. And this method with a bobby pin, and left over Marly hair, the total might have been under 10 bucks! Now who wouldn’t want that great money saving in their life?! It’s funny because now I find myself walking down the street and when I see a woman with there natural hair now I have to question is it all hers or not. Those looking natural crochet braids do the trick every time, and can last for at least 6 weeks. So tell me your not gonna try the looking natural crochet braids and spend only about 10 bucks or less. I know I am!