BRAID OF THE WEEK: Gorgeous Marley Bun with a Bang Hairstyle

marley bun with bang hairstyles

Marley Bun with bang hairstyle: If you’re looking for an undo for a formal occasion, or just to switch up your day to day hair style, then a Marley bun may be the way to go. You can energize your hair style while protecting your natural hair. This style doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals, damaging heat or glues. The Marley Bun with bang hairstyle is also achievable for anyone because what you don’t have in length can be made up for by adding the needed amount of Marley hair. It’s  all about you and your desired look!

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How to Create a Faux Bun with Marley Hair: Marley Bun

marley bun styles natural hair

Ladies, let’s admit it. As much as we  love our natural tresses, sometimes we feel like we’re stuck in a rut, right? The rotate through the same hairstyles. This is even more true when we have to protect our hair as we regrow or recover from previous damage.

The Marley bun with bang hairstyle is a protective hairdo that places no stress on your hair. It’s also a quick style. You can go from zero to completion in 15- 20 minutes.If you need to touch up your hair, the Marley bun can be undone and remade rapidly. Then theres the versatility. This style can without much of a stretch move from the workplace to a night out or to a more formal event.

Let’s jump on cand show you how this style is made.

Vid Credit: Beyoutyguide

[Tools needed to make Faux Bun with Marley Hair: Marley Bun]

  • A pack of Marley hair
  • A pack of Kanekalon braiding hair
  • Hair Pins
  • Hair band to tighten Marley hair
  • Hair Tie 
  • Tooth Comb (Wide)
  • Pig swarm brush
  • Water

Optional Tools to make Faux Bun with Marley hair:-

  • Ecostyler gel: 

Style Tip: You can use olive oil or Argan oil as ecostyler gel.

  • Hair scarf

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1. I am a no-warmth kind of gal, so if I am styling right after a showers in the wake of washing my hair, I twist my hair to extend it. That way, on the off chance that I decide to, I can shake a twist or wind out for a couple of days before making the Marley bun. 

Be aware of the way that the size of your puff will decide how big your Marley bun (faux) will look as you are wrapping the Marley hair around your genuine hair.

2. Start with your hair pulled up towards the top of your head. Create a small bun or baby pony tail to serve as the center of your Marly Bun. Make sure the style the sides like you want to wear them. If you want your hair to lay down, then spritz with water and apply a little styling gel. Then take a wide tooth brush and brush the hair to your desired style.

Note: – To make the hair style sleeker, you can also apply a hand of Ecostyler Gel on your hair. The gel is a leave in and won’t flake.

3. Using hair ties attach both the Kanekalon hair (pre-braided into large braids) and the Marley hair to your natural bun.

3. Take the Kanekalon hair and wrap this around your natural bun or ponytail.  Secure in place with a bobby pin.

4. Take the Marley hair and section in two. Take the first piece and wrap it around the larger bun. Secure in place with bobby pins Repeat the process with the other section of hair in t opposite direction. Secure with bobby pins. This now completely cover the Kanekalon hair and gives you a substantial bun.

(Style tip: Use as my bobby pins as you need, you want the Marly bun to be super secure!)

5. Now, take four stands of Marley hair and attach it to you bun. Fold it in half and tuck in. Then secure with bobby pins.

6. Style and adjust to your satisfaction and if you choose, style it with a hair scarf.

natural marley bun hairstyles