#TrendingStylist Bianca Benavidez

#TrendingStylist | Bianca Benavidez | San Francisco, CA

Stylist Name

Bianca Benavidez


San Francisco, CA


Box Braids
Yarn Braids
Braided Updos
Micro Braids
Kids’ Styles


Why We Chose Bianca

Bianca’s signature looks include yarn braids in cool pastels (we love the mommy-and-me braids). She also does box braids and feel-ins. And check out the final picture of the little girl with the rainbow-colored yarn braids. That might be the coolest kid we’ve ever seen.

Bianca Benavidez: The Work

Photos courtesy of @biancabenavidez_


1555 Turk st
San Francisco, CA 94115
(628) 400-7507


Instagram: @biancabenavidez_

Image Sources

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