Save Your Edges: No Tension Box Braids Tutorial Image

Heavy Braids Solution: An Edge-Saving Braids Tutorial

Heavy braids no more! This no-tension box braid tutorial will help you save your edges when wearing your favorite braided style.

It’s the classic hair braiding problem: You love box braids but your edges don’t. Braiding can put a lot of stress on your hair, and heavy braids can take a toll on our delicate edges. And let’s face it: your edges frame your face, and they get a lot more manipulation than the rest of your hair. Add heavy braids, and the stress can be too much for this delicate hair.

This tutorial will show you how to use a weave net to create no-tension box braids. It includes a tip for handling heavy braids (it can happen to anyone!) that results in this flawless, easy-to-wear look.

What you’ll need:

  • Weave net
  • Curved needle
  • Extension thread
  • Braiding Hair
  • Crochet Needle

Save Your Edges: No Tension Box Braids Tutorial Infographic

Step 1: Cornrow your natural hair

Cornrow hair in a pattern with braids going downward from the crown down the sides and back of the head.

Step 2: Sew weave net onto cornrows

Secure a weave net on the head, sewing it onto/around the front two cornrows. This will act as a protective layer for your edges.

Step 3: Crochet braiding hair onto crochet net

This step is critical: Crochet the braiding hair onto the crochet net, not onto the natural hair. This is the key step that will prevent tension on your edges.

Step 4: Braid hair through to ends

Braid hair as normal through to the ends. You can continue braiding hair and/or crocheting braids throughout the rest of the hair. Crochet/braid the rest of the hair as normal, looping the crochet needle through the natural hair.

Step 5: How to relieve tension from heavy braids

Even when you’re doing this edge-saving method, you may find that some of the braids feel heavy. If that happens, here’s a quick hack to relieve that tension:

  • Take a few strands of braiding hair and crochet through the base of the braids that are causing tension
  • Pull that strand to lift heavy braids and secure on the opposite rear part of the crown
  • To make this section extra secure, cross those same strands to the other side of the crown, crochet and secure

This style will give you beautiful box braids while going easy on your edges – truly a protective style. For even more detail, including visuals on how to relieve tension from heavy braids, check out Lizzie Loves on YouTube.