Afrelle Braid Styles Explained

Afrelle Braid Styles: Questions Answered

In this post, we’ll answer some common quesitons about Afrelle braids and the styles that can be created with them.

Afrelle Braid Styles Explained

Afrelle Braid Styles: The Complete Breakdown

With temperatures dropping and winter moving into full swing, now is the best time to up your protective style game with braids. If you have never had your hair braided or it has been awhile since your last visit to the hair supply store for extensions, it may be daunting trying to figure out what kind of hair will be best for your desired style.

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Afrelle hair is a great extension brand that offers the possibility of sleeker, smoother styles when it comes to braiding. Afrelle braid styles create a variety of options, from long to short hairdos. With the rise in popularity of chunky twists and box braids, Afrelle hair can provide a similar look that is polished and smooth.

Box braids and long twists may be more suitable for a younger wearer. Afrelle braid styles, on the other hand, can be made into shorter and sleeker looks suitable for an office setting or a more mature braid wearer.

Afrelle Style Braids Part 1

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The smooth nature of the hair also helps it blend in with the natural look of your hair and is perfect for up -dos and pulled back looks.

Additionally, Afrelle braid styles can be created easily and quickly, without the many bundles of hair that are sometimes necessary for longer styles.

For one of the quickest Afrelle braid styles, simply part your hair into equal sized rows and stop about half way on your head. Gather your hair from the first row with a small bit of Afrelle hair and roll it with your hair back into a bun. Repeat this step with the following parted sections. Lastly, gather the remaining loose hair in the back into a low or a high bun. This sleek, protective style looks great for every occasion.

Afrelle Style Braids Part 2

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Afrelle hair can be bought online or at your local hair supply store. With so many Afrelle braid styles that can easily be done on your own without the high cost of a professional braider. Protecting your hair from the harshness of winter has never been so easy.