How to Twist 4c Natural Hair – 6 Perfect Twist-Out Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

how to twist natural hair on 4c

How to twist 4c natural hair! I’ve always admired the natural twist out look, especially the very afrocentric curly hairstyles. Your able to do so many different styles, add highlights, color, and create massive volume. The variety of hairstyles you can do definitely makes me want to keep this type of hairstyle often. But if you have the same dilemma I had because of the texture of your hair it can be quite frustrating to get the acheived look that you want. Everyones texture of hair is not the same so the curl pattern you might see on one woman, she might not have the same texture as yours.

That being said, will some of the recommended productsl really work on your hair? I had to really do some research to find some helpful tips that really broke down the type of hair that some of us black women unfortunately have trouble dealing with. So how to twist 4c natural hai can be a task, this texture of hair is very dry with minimal definition. Especially when it’s dry, so if you want to how to twist natural hair for luscious thick curls then I’ve narrowed it down to a few video tutorials for you. Helpful videos that can actually solve 4C hair dilemmas and the products these women use are phenomenal. I’ve tried a few on my hair as well and it makes such a difference on the definition of my curls we will start with the first one.

How to Twist 4c Natural Hair Video Tutorial

#1. Twist Out on Stretched Hair

Video Credit: Pure Estrogen

I wasn’t always knowledgeable about the word “stretch” expecially on hair what stretched really meant. With stretched hair it makes a tremendous difference on the length of the hair and also the definition. I know that I have major shrinkage after I dry my hair or let it air dry and even though it looks long when its wet thing when it dries its a complete different story. It will literally take off at least 2-3 inches when my hair does shrink. So this method on doing the twist out is actually perfect. The girl in this video has major shrinkage, and for me to see the process and how much better the definition was. She still was able to show maximum length of her here along with the tight curls that she created. Her method to me was a little different as far as doing a side plait and all the curls going into one direction, so definitely a great style that I could see at a more formal event because of the look of it, definitely on the classy side.

Hair Products Used/Tips: Products used for the moisture and definition was by Dark and lovely Au naturale and 10 -in-1 styles gelee. And Water

#2. Defined Frizz-free Twist Out

Video Credit: Taiwo Kafilat

Okay so this lady has super definition with the 4C hair type twist out and from what I noticed her method is one that I have not tried yet but will definitely implement. Because of her letting her hair air dry instead of adding heat it definitely did not over dry out her natural hair. Second with using water it will help keep the moisture in, a few products I have never heard of let me see how well they worked on her definition. I will try this method too, I think it worked well, it was a little time consuming. But with twisting downward and making sure you twist and overlap as you go making sure the curls will become as defined as possible and it makes a difference on the definition throughout the hair.

Hair Products Used/Tips: Products used for her look, Camille rose naturals almond Jai twistinf butter, karens body beautiful sweet ambrosia leave in and of course water!

#3. Fluffy Chunky Flast Twist with Side Part

Video Credit: JShanee

One thing with wanting to get more definition especially with the 4C type hair it is a little more time consuming. You also want to twist smaller sections for more definition. But say you want to go for more of a big puffier look vs the sleek and voluminous defined curls. This is a quicker route where you don’t have to worry too much about the neatest method for the curls being too perfect. Because you just want volume with a little bit of curls throughout. If you’re looking for a time saver or just don’t have enough time and you still want to try and rock your natural stresses doing thicker plaits with your favorite product for leave-in and moisture will work just fine with this.

Hair Products Used/Tips: Use your favorite twisting product, along with ample amount of water to keep moisturized.

#4. Defined Twist Out on Shorter Hair

Video Credit: Charnel Grey

Dont feel discouraged or left out if you have shorter because curls can still be accomplished with using a little bit more moisturizing products to keep the hair from drying up and creating shrinkage. So what she did in this particular video for her hair she used a wide tooth comb to comb out each section of hair. Making sure when she twisted all curls, they were going to be defined. Because hair being shorter you have the plaits that can unravel easier. You want to make sure they do not on unravel so using bobby pins to make sure that they stay secure while you sleep at night, with a satin bonnet it will help keep the moisture in versus dry the hair out.

Hair Products Used/Tips: Grace Virgin Coconut oil, shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and miss jessies curly pudding.

#5. Curly Flat Twist Out

Video Credit: It’s Sharde

I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this particular flat twist out I would have never guessed this woman had 4C type hair at all. Especially with how smooth, silky and lustrous her curls were at the end of the video. Out of all the hairstyles I have seen with the flat twist she used the minimum amount of products, just water, jojoba oil and some aloe vera gel. Very minimal products that gave such a gorgeous result. One other thing I did notice is she used the stretch method here as well. And how to twist natural hair on this video she did two strand twist and plaited down to her scalp. Then at the ends she used curling perm rods to make sure the ends were completely set. By far one of my favorite styles out of the 4C flat twist styles and I really want to try this method because she completely rocked this hairstyle.

Hair Products Used/Tips: Products used for this acheived look, water, jojoba oil and alove vera gel.

#6. 3-Strand Twist-Out

Video Credit: Phoenix Monroe

Quite impressed with this curly method for the 4C twist out because normally two strands can be well enough. But looking at her method with a three strand twist out looks like it is a guarantee thing that your hair will come out nice,luscious and super defined. Actually doing the three strand twist she used minimal products which came out amazing. I believe less is better, you don’t want to over process your hair. A new twist strand method worked wonders for her hair even though it does seem a little more complicating to do. But sometimes something that might be a little bit more time consuming in the long run will look better, last longer and as you get used to the new type of method it will start to become easier over time. Definitely a must try!

Hair Products Used/Tips: Aunt Jackies Curl la la Defining Curl custard

It’s been a pleasure as always to help guide you ladies into a good direction with your hair dilemmas. Don’t feel discouraged or think you cannot achieve a look because of a certain texture of your hair. We you know how to properly twist natural hair you will be happy with the results everytime. It can seem like the most frustrating type of hair to deal with but in actuality its all what method you use. The time spent and preparation on how to achieve a defined look you will thank me later. One of these videos will guide you in a good direction so that you can enjoy the many wonderful styles that twist out hairstyles can do for you! We hope by the time you finish watching all these video tutorials you will know how to twist 4c natural hair like a pro.