Janet Jackson-Inspired Jumbo Crochet Braids Bob

How to do a Jumbo Crochet Braids Bob

Ever since we learned about Janet Jackson’s pregnancy, we’ve been thinking about ways to do an updated Poetic Justice Braids look. We’ll show you a fresh take, this time in the form of a braid bob that Ms. Jackson could be proud of.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Crochet braids
  • Crochet needle

Janet Jackson-Inspired Jumbo Crochet Braids Bob Infographic

Step 1: Cornrow your natural hair

Braid natural hair in cornrows down the sides of the head. Start at the crown and braid down the sides toward the ears and down the back toward the nape of the neck. Interlock the ends of your cornrows to secure close to the head.

Step 2: Attach the crochet braid

Push the closed hook of the crochet needle through the cornrowed natural hair. Once the crochet needle is through the hair, open the hook and attach the loop at the top of the braid to the crochet hook. Close the hook and pull the loop through your cornrowed natural hair.

Step 3: Secure the crochet braid

Loop the tail of the braid through the loop created with the crochet needle. Pull to secure onto the cornrowed hair.

Step 4: Continue adding braids to fill out braid bob

Continue adding braids around the sides and back of head. Place thicker braids toward back of head.

Pro Tip: Install the braids in a staggered pattern to avoid an overly bulky look

Step 5: Add braids to fall on your desired side

Decide where the part will be. Add braids so that they fall on your desired side.

Step 6: Rock your modern classic braid bob look!

Enjoy this beautiful jumbo crochet braid bob. This look should last for up to two weeks with good braids care.

Voila! These crochet braids are a fresh take on the original. Sadora Paris on YouTube shows you how to do this beautiful style yourself.